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is an information system dedicated to store and process information for condominium buildings. Designed for free public access. The project aims to facilitate the organization and financing of condominium buildings

The project is not funded, and is constructed on the basis of voluntary labor.

Although still in the mode of development, the project is accessible to users. To check functionality you can login with test user: shandor.petiofi@abv.bg / 123456


Great house

A great house is a large and stately residence; the term encompasses different styles of dwelling in different countries. The name refers to the makeup of the household rather than to any particular architectural style.

As in the past, today s great houses are limited to heads of state, the very rich, or those who have inherited them;few in the developed world are staffed at the level of past centuries. The International Guild of Butlers estimates that the annual salaries of a 20-25 person household staff total in excess of US$1,000,000.

In countries with supplies of cheap domestic labour, the middle classes are still able to afford household help, but not approaching the numbers involved in the running of a great house.


On large estates or in families with more than one residence, there may be a steward (or the modern equivalent, an estate manager) who oversees direction of the entire establishment.

Household staff


the head of household staff in most homes; in charge of the pantry, wine cellar and dining room. In a small house the butler also valets for the master of the house. Male staff report to him. The butler is often engaged by the master of the house but usually reports to the lady of the house or sometimes to the housekeeper


In charge of the kitchen and kitchen staff. Sometimes a chef is employed with several subordinate cooks. The cook usually reports directly to the lady of the house but sometimes to the housekeeper. If the cook is female, she is always addressed as Mrs regardless of marital status.


responsible for the house and its appearance; in charge of all female servants. In grand homes the butler and cook sometimes report to the housekeeper. The housekeeper is always addressed as Mrs., regardless of marital status.


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Condominium fees are monthly dues paid by each unit owner. The fees are commonly based on the percentage of the development that is owned by each individual owner.